Private Banking

There are many private banks, but only one FIS Privatbank. Our products and services are as diverse and individual as our clients.

"To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart.“

- Thomas J. Watson, CEO IBM

Investment Advisory


Tailored advice for your financial goals

Each and every one of our customers is special. Our experienced investment advisors design individually tailored financial concepts that precisely match your risk tolerance and goals. In doing so, we naturally make use of the available investment universe - and not just in-house products. Through our owner, we also have access to private market investments - real estate, private equity, and private debt. We pay particular attention to sustainable investments, both in-house and through our relationship with the C-Quadrat Group, one of the most successful ESG asset managers in the German-speaking world.

Asset Management


Your assets in steady hands

With their increasing dynamism, the financial markets are placing ever greater demands on investors. The amount of time spent observing and analyzing money and capital markets and products is constantly increasing.

We manage your assets professionally, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the finer things in life.

We offer you the right options to suit the size of your investment. On the one hand, we have our award-winning individual asset management, which tailors the investment strategy and the selection of securities exactly to your needs and invests primarily in individual securities. On the other hand, we have our "FIS Owner's Strategy", which offers our clients access to the investment expertise of the C-Quadrat Group of our owner Alex Schütz.


Our IP-Funds


Versatility matched with excellent performance.

Recurring awards, strong performance, and strict risk management are characteristics of all our IP funds. Every capital market situation holds new opportunities, which we identify and exploit in the interest of our investors. Our strengths lie in fixed income and multi-asset strategies, which we implement in various fund solutions. We put great value on sustainable investments (ESG - Environment, Social, Governance) in all our funds, most recently in our new, exclusively sustainable "Alpora Sustainable Technologies".







Solutions for your individual financing needs

We create financial freedom and live up to our claim of being an "entrepreneurial bank". Our strengths lie in the Lombard loan business, in the lending of business shares, as well as in the financing of real estate with in foreign countries (vacation properties). We understand the asset structure and the needs of our customers and create individual and tailor-made financing concepts.